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Wi-Fi + Networking

Stay connected at home or at the cottage, with secure IT and home networking solutions that are customized to your lifestyle.

A Secure and Reliable Network Setup

In addition to your smart home features, your IT infrastructure also hosts a home full of family doing their own thing, from streaming music and movies, to video calls and schooling, and let’s not forget Wi-Fi for every phone, tablet, and smart appliance. A fast, strong, and secure network has a large impact on what has become the norm in the day-to-day functionality of your home.

Networking | IQ Automation + Design | Toronto | Working from Home

Strong Wi-Fi Signal Everywhere in Your Home

Internet service provider routers are simply not capable of handling the level of bandwidth and range required for today’s larger homes and the high demands expected from your wireless Wi-Fi network. We determine the optimum location for wireless access points within your home to provide the best coverage and infrastructure that you can rely on. We always listen to your needs and customize solutions based on your goals and the ability for network expansion.

Strong Wi-Fi | IQ automation + Design | Toronto | Working from home

Networking Services

From sourcing the right network equipment to optimizing the system you already have, we can do it all.

  • Wiring – Pre-Wire & Retrofit

  • Network Design

  • Network Installation

  • Network Optimization

  • Equipment Sales

    • Routers

    • Wireless Access Points (WAP)

    • Network Switches

Wireless Access Points | IQ Automation + Design | Toronto | Optimizing a Wi-Fi System
  • What can I automate in my home?
    Here are some of the most popular Smart Home Automation features: Motorized Shades and Blinds Automated Lighting Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems Smart Thermostat Climate Control Devices Whole Home Audio Systems Motorized Hidden Screens + TVs Dedicated Home Theatre Room Controls Weatherproof Outdoor Landscape Lighting Weatherproof Outdoor Audio Systems
  • I want to automate my whole home. Where do I start?
    Whether you are starting a new build project or renovating, it’s important to create a plan for structured low-voltage wiring in the early stages of your design process. Structured low voltage wiring is essential for a stable Wi-Fi network, audio systems & video controls, security and surveillance cameras and smart home automation system controls. When we build a custom rack system for whole home automation, we are also forward thinking, providing you a home network that can adapt over time, supporting additions and upgrades in the future.
  • How do I automate my shades and lighting?
    It's now become quite standard in a Toronto or GTA, new build or renovation project to integrate automated lighting and shades into a custom smart home system. Lighting and shade controls can be used from an app on a smart device, a wall keypad or remote. In some homes, depending on wall space and design, we can offer multiple options. Lutron, offers hard wired and retro-fit solutions for automated lighting and motorized blinds. Lutron systems communicate seamlessly together for precision control, reliability and a user friendly experience. So even if walls are up in your finished home, we still have the ability to create a personalized smart system to adjust your lights and shades at certain times of the day or night, whether it's for comfort, privacy or entertaining.
  • How do I control the features of my home automation system?
    You can control all of your home systems with one reliable user-friendly mobile device including personalized programs for audio, video, lighting, air conditioning, heating, shades, security and CCTV. You can also have dedicated buttons on your wall keypad that combine features for specific usage of a room like your gym, home office, or Muskoka Room.
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