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Our Process

A true smart home is as unique as you are. Your imagination, vision and lifestyle; our experience, advice and technical know-how...Together, we can create the perfect mix of design and function.



Let’s review your project's immediate needs and wants, answer all your questions, and discuss how your system design can grow in the future as your vision expands and technology changes. We’ll talk about selecting features that will enhance your home and life, product performance and ease of use; all towards establishing which options offer the best value for your investment and design concept.

Smart Home Plan | IQ Automation + Design | Toronto | Drawing plans for professional smart home system


Design, Plan + Engineer

From smart lighting, sound systems and motorized blinds; to home theatres and security cameras...

All home automation subsystems require careful planning with you and your build team to fully develop a personalized system that is unique to your lifestyle. To seamlessly integrate your system in the overall design, our extensive knowledge of construction, along with consultation with your architect, designer, contractor or electrician, help us optimize the system offerings, getting you the most out of your budget. Visible or behind walls, each product we have tested and chosen, and how they interact with each other, will be planned precisely to give you a professional, reliable home automation and entertainment system.

Smart Wire + Install


This is when all the careful planning pays off and we create a fast, reliable, and secure system in your home or office. Whether we install low-voltage wiring during construction or we carefully retrofit wiring throughout your finished home; correct wire selection is key to the efficiency and the expandability of your network system. Where hard-wiring is not possible, we put system solutions with proven results in place. Next we coordinate with your design and build team, returning throughout the construction process to install and connect devices and switches which we integrate into the network and program for your family’s individual needs. When installation is complete we walk you through your system, answer all you questions, making sure you understand how the system works and that you are completely satisfied!

Audio System Tech Suport | Our Work | IQ Automation + Design | Toronto | Learning how to use your media room audio visual system


Educate + Support

You should love using your smart home automation and entertainment systems, and we are here to help. We do that through exceptional service, hands-on education, and support for our products and services. From day one, our business was built by referral and continues to grow as a result of the amazing long-term relationships we have with our clients. We are here for the long run.

Our Technology Partners

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