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Audio + Video

With the right combination of outstanding acoustics and rich life-like imagery, a home theatre has never been more achievable.

Incredible High Definition

The high-definition television experience of 4k and 8k displays offer a vibrant, life-like image that fully immerses you into an unparalleled viewing experience. Often your great room doubles as a media room for TV, movies, sports, and entertaining. IQ Automation has the experience and skill both to determine the perfect screen size and speaker and sub-woofer profile and to calibrate sound distribution for your uniquely designed space and aesthetic.

Outdoor Entertainment, TV, Whole Home Audio System,Wi-fi, Home Networking | Our Work | IQ Automation + Design | Toronto | Modern great room with in-ceiling speakers and tv mounted over fireplace

Your Theatre At Home

The luxury of a dedicated home theatre affords you high performance sound, acoustics, and light control for a real cinema experience.


With 15+ years designing home theatres, our team properly analyzes your space for THX quality sound, specs out the highest resolution projector possible and recommends screen size and seating that best suit your space, elevating the entertainment value for each guest.


Combined with a URC remote for smart controls, IQ Automation designs and delivers an unparalleled sound and visual experience, so you can enjoy your favorite films, sports, and concerts in the comfort of your own home.

Home Theatre System | IQ Automation + Design | Toronto

The Perfect Speakers

A well-chosen speaker makes the difference between simply listening to your music or bringing your listening experience to life and hearing sound the way it was intended. We select only quality audio brands with proven high performance for your essential sound system. Whether we are creating a great sound experience for whole home audio, a home theatre, or a centrally located media room, your room design and acoustic expectations help us guide you to a speaker system that sounds incredible in each unique space in your home and together, as an immersive experience.

Home Theatre | IQ Automation + Design | Toronto | Floor Standing Speaker

Whole Home Audio

Imagine being bathed by your favorite music as you walk along the hallways and around the house, your song following you everywhere. In the basement, your kids are with friends listening to their music—which you are happy not to hear!—and your partner is busy in the home office immersed in their most trusted news program. Equip each room in your house with perfectly placed speakers with separate adjustable volume control. This is the true offering of a smart home: music everywhere, personalized from room to room.

Lutron Homeworks | IQ Automation + Design | Toronto | Whole home automation system in outdoor living space
  • What can I automate in my home?
    Here are some of the most popular Smart Home Automation features: Motorized Shades and Blinds Automated Lighting Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems Smart Thermostat Climate Control Devices Whole Home Audio Systems Motorized Hidden Screens + TVs Dedicated Home Theatre Room Controls Weatherproof Outdoor Landscape Lighting Weatherproof Outdoor Audio Systems
  • I want to automate my whole home. Where do I start?
    Whether you are starting a new build project or renovating, it’s important to create a plan for structured low-voltage wiring in the early stages of your design process. Structured low voltage wiring is essential for a stable Wi-Fi network, audio systems & video controls, security and surveillance cameras and smart home automation system controls. When we build a custom rack system for whole home automation, we are also forward thinking, providing you a home network that can adapt over time, supporting additions and upgrades in the future.
  • How do I automate my shades and lighting?
    It's now become quite standard in a Toronto or GTA, new build or renovation project to integrate automated lighting and shades into a custom smart home system. Lighting and shade controls can be used from an app on a smart device, a wall keypad or remote. In some homes, depending on wall space and design, we can offer multiple options. Lutron, offers hard wired and retro-fit solutions for automated lighting and motorized blinds. Lutron systems communicate seamlessly together for precision control, reliability and a user friendly experience. So even if walls are up in your finished home, we still have the ability to create a personalized smart system to adjust your lights and shades at certain times of the day or night, whether it's for comfort, privacy or entertaining.
  • How do I control the features of my home automation system?
    You can control all of your home systems with one reliable user-friendly mobile device including personalized programs for audio, video, lighting, air conditioning, heating, shades, security and CCTV. You can also have dedicated buttons on your wall keypad that combine features for specific usage of a room like your gym, home office, or Muskoka Room.
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