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Planning Your 
Smart Home 

Are you in the planning stages of designing a new home, remodeling, or adding entertainment systems to your home in Toronto, the GTA, Simcoe or Muskoka? Many people want smart home automation but don’t understand exactly what that means, or the planning and construction scheduling involved.  

Smart Home Automation | IQ Automation + Design | Toronto | High ceiling modern living room with home automation system

What Is a Smart Home?  

The backbone of a smart home is a cabling and wire infrastructure that uses smart home technology and home automation systems to make living in your home more comfortable, convenient, efficient, and safe while creating a stable expandable network for the future. 


Often by not working with an experienced A/V professional, there are missed opportunities to install all home technology sub-systems that are available to you. 

What Is a Smart Home
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The Biggest Mistake People Make

The biggest mistake people make is not hiring a professional Home Automation and Low-Voltage Specialist who will establish the needs and wants of the client and work alongside electricians, architects, builders & designers to plan your home’s wired and wireless infrastructure. Building a structured stable wiring network, considering all the home’s home control systems, A/V needs, Wi-Fi and security requirements, means choosing exceptional professional products, knowing how they work together and programming them for a unique personalized experience. 

The Biggest Mistake People Make

Questions You Should Ask in Advance

Here are some of the things to consider and discuss with your Smart Home Integrator when planning your Home Automation and A/V Systems during your design period:  

  • What Home Control System is best suited to your home and lifestyle? ie Lutron HomeWorks, Lutron RadioRA2, or RadioRA3? 

  • Will you have a dedicated utility room for your Home Network Rack? 

  • Do you want your vacation home on the same Home Automation System using one mobile APP interface? 

Home Automation System | IQ Automation + Design | Toronto | Home Automaion Control Panel
Questions You Should Ask in Advance
  • What will your home security and surveillance needs be? Do you want remote viewing capability? 

  • Establish your Wi-Fi and Networking needs. Do you or your family work from home or home school? Would you like Wi-Fi in your backyard, cabana, or pool area? 

  • Do you want lighting control? 

  • Would you like motorized shades pre-programmed for managing privacy, heating and cooling, protection of art & furniture and added security?  

  • Do you want whole home sound distribution throughout every room in the house as well as your backyard and pool area? Do you want invisible or visible speakers?  

Motorized Blinds & Smart Lighting  | IQ Automation + Design | Toronto | Lutron HomeWorks home automaion system
  • Are you considering a dedicated home theatre room with theatre seating? 

  • Where are you planning to watch TV? Do you watch a lot of TV or movies and how important is screen size? How many devices are required to be housed and will they be visible or concealed? 

  • Would you like surround sound in your family/media room? 

  • Do you want remote HVAC control for heating and cooling for your home or cottage? 

  • Have you considered the convenience of pre-programmed keypad “scenes” configured for automated lighting, motorized shades and/or whole home audio? “Welcome”, “Goodnight”, “Pathway”, “Away”, “Entertain”, “Movie”, “Panic”. 

Smart Home Security Cameras & Surveilliance Systems | IQ Automation + Design | Toronto | Security camera installation with smart phone remote access


Let us help you see all the potential in your Smart Home Project.

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